I run engaging and interactive public course in selected cities across Europe. These courses are specifically tailored to anyone who is willing to learn to sell and serve their clients in a luxurious manner.

If you work in high-end fashion, furniture, jewellery, automotive, hospitality, real estate, or in any luxury industry, I will show you how to enrich the perception of your product and focus on the client experience to increase your sales and boost your career. And even if you don’t work with luxury products, but want to learn how to enhance your product value and be perceived as elite so you can sell more at higher profit margins, then you should attend too.

“I will teach you how to sell a diamond, a high-end watch, a $10,000 suite with a panoramic view in a hotel, and the reasons why people buy into luxury and how you can use these principles to make people buy into your brand too.”

To buy into you.

If you are involved within the luxury industry these courses will enhance your sales and service skills. If you are not involved in the luxury industry these courses will give you the methodologies of luxury which you can then apply to your own sales or service experience.

Each course encompasses:

2 or 3 days of intense training

Detailed group discussions and exercises

Personal one-on-one sessions to help you absorb the

information and give you the attention you need to

grow in your sales or client services career

Take your career to the next level

Check the calendar to see when we’ll be stopping by your city.

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