Out of sight, out of mind

Have you ever heard the expression “out of sight, out of mind“?

This is how the Cambridge Dictionary defines it:

“Said to emphasize that when something or someone cannot be seen, it is easy to forget it, him, or her”

The same holds true for your business and your clients.

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my clients, a very important luxury retailer, who told me that realistically – given the nature of the business, and the high-end positioning of the products they sell – their interactions with their clients are limited to a few contacts over a life-time, which is obviously frustrating when you feel you can add more value, more often, to your clients’ lives.

Have you ever experienced that?

In the past advertising was the answer.
Did you want to be on top of your clients’ (and potential ones) minds?
You could do a TV or radio commercial, ​a billboard, or buy the back cover of a magazine.
Visibility was all you needed to be remembered, hoping this would bring clients back to your business, and it often did.

Obviously times have changed and – as we all know – traditional advertising (alone) is no longer the answer and not just because it has shifted from traditional media to online, but because the limit of advertisement is that it lacks interaction and – most importantly – very rarely advertisement adds value to people’s life.

Advertising is all about showing how good you are and the hard truth is that people don’t care because all they care about is… themselves.

So, what can you do to be on-top of your clients’ mind without (only) bombarding them with advertisement?

The theoretical answer is ADD VALUE, and the practical one is create content because CONTENT IS KING!

Creating content means sharing with an audience of clients and potential ones, something they can benefit from, without necessarily having to buy from you.

Content is often not about what you do, but rather HOW you do it, which is your expertise.

If you’re a stock broker, this might mean sharing the reasons why you picked a certain stock, rather than just suggesting your audience to buy it and hold it.

If you’re in real estate, you might want to share your expertise about a certain geographic area, and what makes it valuable for long tem investors, rather than simply share pictures and details of a property you earn commissions from.

If you’re a jeweler, you might want to show the process of designing and making a jewel, the backstage people don’t get to see in your boutique, nor in your advertisement and that can inspire them, make them dream and perhaps make them want to become a jeweler one day.

If you’re receiving emails from me, (if you would like to start receiving free content from me subscribe here) this is just my attempt to add value to your business, sharing with you the results of over 15 years of experience and research in the fields of international sales, customer service, marketing and perceived value creation, so working with a seo & ppc agency is normal for me.

All I hope to gain from sharing so much content, is to be on top of your mind next time you’ll think about training your team, or buying a sales training book (my Sell With Style is available on Amazon.com).

Emails, however, are not enough for your (and my)  business.

To be on top of our clients’ minds, we need to leverage all the tools available, understanding their differences. For more marketing information visit https://victoriousseo.com/seo-company-san-francisco/.

Today, videos are important.
A majority of people are visual, and the total number of people using YouTube is 1.300.000.000 (yes over 1 billion) with over 5 billion videos watched every single day. (if you’re interested in other mind-blowing YouTube statistics look here)

Does it mean you need to create videos people can watch and get value from?
Most probably yes.

I did it, and the free video-training resources I regularly post on my YouTube Channel and my Vlog are not just immensely helping my business, but I got to know they’re helping people who never did business with me, and who hopefully will one day.

If you’d like to take a look at them, you can find them here: Carlo’s Vlog

Other social media are very important and, according to the nature of your business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat can help you add tremendous value to your clients’ life even when they don’t buy from you.

LinkedIn, for example, is an amazing platform to showcase your expertise and share valuable content your clients and potential ones can benefit from… and we are talking about an audience of over 500million users, of which 40% use LinkedIn every day (more statistics here)

I personally use LinkedIn to share articles I write, videos (Linkedin, like Facebook and Instagram hosts native videos), facts and figures I research and that can help my contacts boost their sales and improve their client experience.

If you wish to connect with me on LinkedIn you can find me here: Carlo’s LinkedIn.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, they’re all worth investigating to understand whether they can help you connect regularly with your clients and potential ones, and share with them content they can benefit from.

An article about them will follow soon.

To conclude, let me assure you that I know how painful investing time and money in creating and sharing FREE content that does NOT directly lead to a sale is, because I’ve felt the pain many times myself.

Only, this is the right thing to do!

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Author of "Sell With Style, The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Selling" - Luxury Sales & Client Experience Training.

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