I don’t come from luxury. I had no exposure to it as a child born to a lovely and caring middle-class family in Turin, Italy. So, building a career in such a desirable and competitive industry has not only been a dream come true, but also a journey of self-discovery, continuous learning, and hard work. As an outsider, I needed to acquire the knowledge, the skills, the network, the style, and the language necessary to succeed in a “new world.”

I’ve worked in managerial roles with internationally acclaimed brands like Gucci and Damiani, consulted some of the most prestigious companies in the world as an Associate Partner of TJF Group – founded by Trend Forecasting Authority Paola De Luca, and former president of Damiani USA, Paolo Novembri – and entertained professional and personal relationships with luxury industry giants Gianni Bulgari (former CEO of Bulgari) and Giacomo Santucci (former CEO of Gucci and Prada). Both gentleman wrote a foreword for my book Sell with Style: The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Selling.

These achievements, along with every milestone achieved in my career, give me the confidence to say that luxury can be learned. And luxury sells.
Luxury sells because the world is heading towards a new era that best-selling authors B. Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore label “The Experience Economy,” and luxury is the quintessence of an experience.

In my book Sell with Style: The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Selling, the results of my research lead me to define luxury as a “celebration of individuality.”

Providing your clients and your stakeholders with an experience that celebrates their and your individuality will be instrumental to your success.

I can help you if you are:

  • An entrepreneur seeking to expand your business internationally, and position it to a higher segment of your market.
  • A manager who seeks guidance in leading a team, and creating commercially viable strategies for your company.
  • Interested to start or grow a career in Luxury, or in an industry where a luxurious approach is desirable.
  • A professional (lawyer, consultant, designer, etc.) and you wish to enhance your sales and communication skills, and personal and professional style, to be able to entertain healthy relationships with top-notch clients.

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