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Business With Style Episode 1: Emotional Selling

People always let their emotions get in the way when they make a decision. Not just the lady buying a dress, but also the smart ...

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Last Minute Work

I spent years fighting my “last minute” inclination, confusing it with procrastination, until I realised it was actually my brain, or my survival instinct if ...

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Out of sight, out of mind

Have you ever heard the expression "out of sight, out of mind"? This is how the Cambridge Dictionary defines it: "Said to emphasize that when something or ...

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Verbal Influence – Episode 1

It takes effort, care and generosity to make the word YOU become the verbal tool you use to transform yourself into a problem solver, a ...

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Emotional Selling – Rule #1

If one thing drives me crazy, it’s meeting people trying to sell me something, be it a product service, or idea, and doing so without ...

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How to say NO to clients

You don’t want to say "NO" to your clients, do you? But you don’t want to say "YES" either if their requests cannot be met. ...

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