Last Minute Work

I always felt there was something magical in the few hours preceding an important delivery or deadline, where time pressure makes you direct all your focus towards the work you HAVE to complete.

No distractions are (mentally) allowed and you don’t even hear the noise around you, nor see the -less important- tasks waiting for you.

All your perception points allow you to feel, is the tick of your clock and the workflow have immersed yourself into.

I spent years fighting my “last minute” inclination, confusing it with procrastination, until I realised it was actually my brain, or my survival instinct if you will, that always pushed me in the direction of concentrating my efforts in the least available hours, sometimes minutes.

I found out that time scarcity gives me the clarity that time abundance never will.

When the clock is ticking, you naturally focus on the important, often vital, elements and details of your work.

You have no time for second-guessing, and for useless embellishments of what really matters and you become effective, rather than simply efficient.

You gain a new level of speed and you are able to create critical mass in the shortest period of time and looking back at what you did, you will wonder HOW on earth you made it possible.

I am not saying that you should do everything last minute because preparation is important, and preparation takes time.

I am just saying that pressure – if managed correctly – can boost your creativity and your effectiveness.

And I must admit there have been times I wished I had started a task earlier.

I just can’t remember when… ?

carlo pignataro


Author of "Sell With Style, The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Selling" - Luxury Sales & Client Experience Training.

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