How I service large and middle size companies

I offer corporate services to companies all over the world, particularly in the Europe and the Middle East. I consult with organisations and help them understand how they can reach an alignment between the value they bring to the marketplace and their perceived value.

How people see your organisation is the secret of the luxury industry. The perceived value of your brand, the emotional response you elicit, defines your status and dictates your sales. Companies such as Gucci, Ferrari, and Rolex not only sell quality but they sell prestige, authenticity, and the emotional empowerment of owing their products.

With 15+ years spent in the luxury industry and having developed my own methodologies to boost perceived value and real-world results, I can help your organisation tap into that same emotional investment that luxury brands use to become global leaders in their industry.

The Corporate Services I offer are:


I help your company strategize its sales process, client experience, and service culture.

Training Programs

I design and deliver training programs in the areas of sales, customer service / client experience, retail excellence, and service culture, with each training program specifically tailored to your organisation.


I have worked with Luxottica, Sephora, Westin, Mouawad, and many more top organisations and I bring the same training, the same practices, the same ideas and expertise to your company to help you grow and become a leader in your industry.

Satisfied clients include but are not limited to:

Let’s work together

Allow me to help your organization and your team enhance your client experience, boost sales and create strategies to align your brand’s value, with its perceived value.

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