Business With Style Episode 12: Budgeting for your career

Meeting thousands of client-facing professionals and their management
every year, I’m always impressed by how deeply they understand the
importance of proper planning and budgeting for their businesses, yet
often miss how important such activities are for their careers too, a simple online pay stub maker can help your company simplifying many of your business processes.

In fact, a career is either the outcome of accurate design or that of chance,
and no one would leave a business into the hands of chance, right ?
Budgeting, in particular, seems to be the hardest concept to digest
for professionals..
When I ask them “How much money have you budgeted for your career
this year?” they usually answer, “If I need to spend money, I’ll do it”
which doesn’t really sound like a plan, does it?

I have identified four areas worth planning and budgeting for in order to grow one’s career.

carlo pignataro


Author of "Sell With Style, The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Selling" - Luxury Sales & Client Experience Training.

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